Our Mission at JB Music Philippines and JB Sports Philippines is : "Building communities through Music & Sports"  The 1st JB Sports Football festival brings people together to enjoy the game and make cherished memories, with the goal of celebrating more than just physical events. Additionally, it celebrates the sport's adoration, camaraderie, and cultural relevance.  We are extremely proud that we were able to put on this historic occasion! 

Thank you once again for making the 1st JB Sports Football Festival a huge success!   From the players and coaches who played their hearts out to the committed organizers, encouraging fans, supportive parents, and our generous event partners, your involvement was priceless and we couldn't have done it without any of you!  

Together, we created a great event for those involved, and the effort, sportsmanship, and passion demonstrated on and off the field made this event unforgettable!  Thank you for helping to make this event a success, and let's keep the spirit and fun alive for the future. We're already looking forward to the next season and more amazing moments with you on the gridiron!  Congratulations! You are all winners!