Reebok - Water Bottle (750ml)(Red)(RABT-12005)

The Reebok Fitness water bottle is an indispensable accessory for any sports enthusiast - regardless of whether you go to the gym, fitness classes or run outdoors. The water bottle is tightly closed, made of durable, resistant to damage and safe materials. A special mouth opening and closing system eliminates the need to stop training to unscrew the water bottle. In addition, the ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to hold in your hand and a clear measuring cup allows you to quickly and easily control the amount of fluids in the water bottle. BPA free


·         practical 750 ml water bottle

·         The ergonomic shape ensures a secure grip

·         made of safe and durable materials of the highest quality, not containing BPA

·         a tight mouthpiece guaranteeing the comfort of drinking

·         silicone gasket guaranteeing 100% tightness

·         durable LDPE material resistant to deformation and fading under the influence of UV rays

·         readable scoop allow quick and easy control of the amount of fluids in the water bottle

·         easy to keep clean - the possibility of washing in the dishwasher