Lifegear - Spin Bike 27758

·         Adjustable Saddle in Forth/Back

·         Adjustable Saddle in height

·         Adjustable Handlebar in Height

·         Water Bottle with Holder

·         (Water Bottle color is for reference only)

·         Drive  /Tension System:

·         18 Kgs Flywheel,Chain Drive

·         Brake Pad  Breaking System to increase Resistance

·         Emergent Brake System Computer :

·         Built-in Transportation wheels

·         Heavy Duty three Pieces Crank System

·         Non-Slip pedals with Adjustable straps


Spin bikes have clip-in pedals that allow cyclists to use their cycling shoes and cleats to"clip" right in the pedals for a secure fit. Having your feet strapped into the pedals allows you to push down and pull up on the pedals in a circular motion which creates a smooth and efficient pedal stroke