Body Sculpture BSB-595R Aerobic Stepper Extra

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PHP 4,700.00

PHP 3,525.00

Body Sculpture was established in 1965 in the United Kingdom. Over the following decades, Body Sculpture has grown substantially becoming a major international brand. The Body Sculpture brand is promoted worldwide, offering a range of fitness equipment and accessories as well as our holistic wellness products. Fitness items range from home trainers to treadmills and from dumbbells to exercise mats. To Increase the intensity of your workout further, it is recommended to use free weights (such as dumbbells) or angkle/wrist weights.

Built for safety : Absorbing and ant-slip surface for additional safety
Easily cleaned : wipe clean surface (64 x 27 cm)
Excellent traction : Excellent traction on any floor surface, however on smooth surfaces the use of a non-slip mat is recommended.

Ideal for Home Training
Platform with absorbing and non-skid surface
Excellent traction on any floor
Adjustable height : 14.5cm and 20.5 cm
Use the blocks to create the perfect stretch board for stretches, sit ups and crunches
Dimensions: (65.8 x 29.3 10.6 cm) Weight: (3 kg)
Maximum User Weight : 100 kg

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