Body Sculpture BJ-010 Sauna Suit Unisex (Size XXL)

SKU: SG-14-61

Sauna Suits

A durable lightweight vinyl two-piece suit with elasticated closures at wrists, neck, waist and ankles to seal in heat and retain the body heat and moisture.

PHP 600.00

PHP 480.00

Wear this Body Sculpture Sauna Suit while you work, play or exercise and it will seal in your body heat, keeping muscles warm and helping you stay in top condition whilst slimming and toning you.

The sauna suit is cut to help trap air and moisture inside

Tear-resistant vinyl construction means durability and reliability

For extra comfort, the neck, ankle and wrist are elasticized

BE STRONGER. – Helps to increase the intensity of any exercise.
EASILY CLEANED. – Cleans easily with warm water.
LOSE WEIGHT. – Helps to increase calories burned and aids weight loss.
Gross Weight: 0.51kg

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