Body Sculpture BM-390WB-B Vibrating Foam Roller

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Body Sculpture is one of the world’s leading fitness specialists and has continued to develop innovative products since 1965. We are dedicated to delivering the highest standards in quality, value and performance helping you keep your body in Shape.

Is a Vibrating Foam Roller More Effective Than a Regular Foam Roller? If the discomfort from using a regular foam roller prevents you from us in git long enough to properly massage your muscles, but you are able to use a vibrating foam roller since the vibration decreases pain, then,yes, it's more effective.Vibration relaxes tense muscles, which makes it a useful tool both before and after your workout. It can also take away a measure of the initial stinging pain that some people get with my fascia release.Vibration foam rollings often the fascia that surrounds muscle fiber.

Rechargeable lithium on Batteries give over 2 hours of use per Charge

With low safe voltage USB Joint, it only need 5v for safer and more convenient to use product

TRIGGER POINT FOAM ROLLER for back pain relief with 5 levels of vibration to set the level that works for you!

MORE EFFECTIVE for increasing flexibility and mobility; Self Myofascial Release tool for faster recovery from workouts!

LESS EFFORT than a basic foam roller. DEEP VIBRATING MASSAGE action as you use the foam roller to roll out your tense muscles!

RELEASE lactic acid after a workout! Theperfect way to wind down and start the recovery process with having to do a yoga session.

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