Body Sculpture BB-104-B Resistance Band (Green)

SKU: SG-42-237


It can effectively strengthen the muscle power and flexibility. Develop balance and coordination, provide a total body workout.

PHP 750.00

PHP 600.00

It can effectively strengthen the muscle power and flexibility. Develop balance and coordination, provide a total body workout. Great for Yoga, pilates, Gym, fitness, workout crossfit etc. Effective for training and strengthing muscles, physical activity to improve the effective capacity to shape. 

The rubber band is practical, easy to use and takes a little space

Made of enviromentally friendly latex rubber

Tape dimensions: 208cm x 0.45cm x 19'mm (lenght, thickness , width)

Great for yoga, pilates, fitness workout, cross-fit etc.

Lightweight, portable easy to store

Tension value aprox: 65-175''lb

Material: latex

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