Kask Protone Road Cycling Helmet - Matte Grey (L 62)

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With just 230g of weight, Protone has the lowest drag and the fastest heat dissipation coefficients compared to any other ventilated helmet. Thanks to several ventilation holes and a thick padding material, heat and moisture are dissipated very fast, improving comfort and performance without giving up on safety: the top area is reinforced with an internal plastic sub-structure that increases crash protection.

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AERO-CONTROL: The Protone Icon helmet is an incredibly aerodynamic road cycling helmet designed with speed, safety, comfort, and advanced performance at the forefront, ideal for cyclocross, XC Marathons and road cycling.

ADVANCED SAFETY & PROTECTION: Redesigned internal frame and vertical stabilizer across the nape of the neck provide enhanced safety. Rotational Impact WG11 approved, the invisible layer of protection far exceeds international norms and surpasses the highest safety performance standards against rotational impacts.

MAXIMUM VENTILATION: Experience thermal comfort from enhanced inner padding fibers that work to speed up the evaporation process of perspiration and slow down the formation of humidity on the skin to ensure optimal temperature regulation. The outflow of air is perfectly in line with the helmet no matter the head position. Removable, washable inner padding.

COMFORT OCTO FIT: The Utopia Y sports an "Octo" rubberized micro dial adjuster that provides easy mid-ride adjustments, while its contact points with gel pads prove to further enhance comfort. The Protone Icon’s helmet supports oscillate freely through 180 degrees, which makes achieving a perfect fit a refreshingly straightforward process.

OCTOFIT+ adjustment system provides excellent retention and comfort
Eco-leather chin strap
Tridimensional 3D DRY padding offers the best comfort and performance
Removable and washable inner padding in Coolmax® material
Redesigned inner frame enhances safety
MIT Technology guarantees enhanced head safety
High visibility stickers for maximum safety
Meets Kask WG11 protocol standards

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