Kask Utopia Aero Road Cycling Helmet - Black/White (L 62)

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Utopia uses a breathable and quick-dry padding, offering a 5mm layer of fast-wicking material called Resistex that takes moisture away from the rider's head and moves it to the helmet's outer shell, contributing to a helmet that's comfortable to wear all day.

PHP 16,500.00

Super lightweight, coming in at 260g (size medium)
Vents are designed to improve aerodynamics and cooling
Quiet riding experience thanks to the reduced windrush close to riders's ears
Internal channeling has been redesigned to further improve the aerodynamic capacity
Uses the easily adjustable Octo Fit adjustment system

Resistex Carbon Inner Padding

A breathable and quick-dry padding that takes moisture away from the rider’s head and moves it to the helmet’s outer shell, contributing to a helmet that’s comfortable to wear all day long. 

Resistex Carbon is a type of yarn with unique technical characteristics that involves a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon. 

The benefits of creating a helmet with such a fiber include:

- Antistatic - disperses electrical charges accumulated from the environment during physical exercise.

- Bacteriostatic - protects the skin from bacteria and polluting allergies.

- Heat regulating and moisture transfer - fibers speed up the evaporation of perspiration and help maintain a constant temperature.

- Natural - 100% natural, non-toxic and does not contain chemicals.

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