Reebok - Compression Clf Sleeves RRSL-10212 (Small)

Reebok Compression Clf Sleeves RRSL-10212 (Small)

·         Compression Calf Sleeve S

·         Compression fit contours to the body for maximum muscle support

·         Highly reflective honeycomb design for increased visibility

·         Inner breathable fleece wicks away sweat and provides warmth in cold weather

·         Stretch bonded cuffs for a secure fit


Compression garments are typically used to assist in blood circulation, reduce blood lactate concentration during running and control the amount of muscle oscillation that results from pounding during running.

The Reebok Compression Calf Sleeve, available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes (sold separately), is designed to help you perform at your best by increasing oxygen and blood flow, enabling your muscles to recover quickly after running.

The sleeve's compression fit contours to your calf shape for maximum muscle support and its stretch bonded cuffs keep it secure throughout your run. The inner breathable fleece of the sleeve successfully wicks away sweat, yet provides warmth in cold weather too. For increased visibility, the Reebok Compression Calf Sleeve features a highly reflective and stylish honeycomb design.