Bodycraft - GL Strength Training System (868)(Home Gym)

Compact Design Allows you to place in a corner or against the wall.

Press and Row Station With different starting position for Shoulder Press, Incline Press, Bench Row, and Middle row.

Adjustable Seat and Seat Back Seat back is adjustable to fit incline and shoulder press.

Ab Crunch Station For Abdominal training or Standing rows.

High Pulley Station For Lat Pull Down & Triceps Push Downs.

Low Pulley Station With foot plate for Low Rows, Abductor and Adductor Leg Kicks, Arm Curls, Upright Rows.

Leg Extension and Curl Station  Provide seated leg extension and standing leg curl.


Multiple stations are incorportated in BODYCRAFT GL Strength Training System which allows you to exercise and build-up every muscle group of your body, yet designed in a relatively compact style.

GL designs in a way to get closer to what customer wants. You get more choice to build your home gym with more options on Cable Arm, Shroud, and Leg Press.