Adidas - Adjustable Hurdle ADSP-11509 (Orange)

Adidas ADSP-11509 Adjustable Hurdle (Orange)

  • 2 adjustable heights: 15cm and 30cm
  • 44.8cm width
  • High impact plastic material
  • One piece construction

Out of stock online, but maybe available in stores

Being adjustable between 15 and 30cm ensures that these hurdles are suitable for both speed and accuracy training. The high impact plastic construction gives a strong but flexible target to work over during fast feet speed drills. Speed is skill and skill is only achieved with quality practice. Using these hurdles to define the space and height you want your athletes to achieve brings focus to every movement that they perform and frankly it means if they get it wrong we all know about it as the hurdle will flag up the fact they hit it.