Kettler - Cycle M Magnetic bike 7627-900

·           Resistance: magnetic

·           Load: 8 degrees

·           Flywheel: 6 kg

·           Display:  Time, distance, speed, number of kilometers, energy consumption, pulse measurement, fitness test


·           Possibility to set training in the target zone: fat, fit, manuel

·           Pulse measurement: touch sensors or ear clip (optional)

·           Transport rolls

·           Saddle adjustment: vertical

·           Steering wheel adjustment: tilt

·           Max. User weight: 110 kg

Out of stock online, but maybe available in stores

Train comfortably and safely in your home, no matter your age or other predispositions. With the Kettler's Axos Cycle M magnetic bike, you can quickly and comfortably improve your condition and, by the way, drop extra pounds.

This model features a 6-kilogram flywheel that ensures smooth and quiet operation. Your knee joints are fully protected from overstrain, and you can train at any time of the day or night, because surely the sounds of the machine will not wake up sleeping in the room next to your children or drown out your favorite show watching you practice. 

The scale of the load is 8 degrees, so regardless of your level of progress and your expectations, you will always adapt them to make your effort intense and demanding or calm and relaxing. With programs based on achieving your specific goal, you are motivated to make regular efforts to improve your performance and shorten your time.

The display will make it easy for you to monitor your workout - it will instantly modify your workout to make it more efficient and effective. The pace of results is influenced by Maintain optimal pulse rate. Sensitive tactile sensors placed in the handles will allow you to easily and quickly measure the pulse and control it throughout the training to always be on the right level. If you are looking for even more precise measurement, you can use the option of a more accurate ear clip.